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Your customer relationships are your most important assets. More and more companies are finding that there is a wealth of untapped potential in their customer databases. Visionamics matches your customers' names and postal addresses to our database and appends your customers' emails to your file. Email append has quickly become one of the most sought after marketing services. Through email append you can append new or replace outdated emails to your postal files and tap into that wealth.

Why email append?

  • Customer Retention
  • Recover lost Customers
  • Low cost to contact customer
  • One to One Communication
  • Can easily customize and personalize at low low cost
  • Establishing online relationships with your customers
  • Take advantage of multi-channel marketing strategies.

Leverage Your Existing Data

You’ve built a database of your customers, and want to start to communicate with them via email, however you don’t have their email addresses. Visionamics Email Append with Micro Append Technology will allow you to build your customer database with the most current email address.

Match rates for the Email Append 15-35%

Email Append Features & Benefits
Email Append Features:
- Massive 240 million email database
- World class mail delivery system
- Integrated Mail & Append systems
- In-house data hygiene services.

Email Append Benefits:
- Highest deliverability
- Bounce and replace (micro append & micro mail)
- Recycle real time bounces
- Highest net deliverable email results
- Data hygiene services available
- Locate customers who have moved, and improve your Email Append match rate.

Here's how it works

  • Your customer database is compared to our massive 240 million record Email Append database. When a match is found, your customer’s email address is added to your file.

  • A Welcome Email is then sent to your customers. This email introduces the benefits of communicating through email. This welcome letter also affords your customer the option to decline email communication.

  • Through our proprietary Micro-Append and Micro-Mail technologies, undeliverable records are resubmitted in real time to our database for replacement and cleansing ensuring you the most complete and deliverable email file available.

  • Best of all, your investment is completely results driven. Pricing is based on usable email addresses only.  You are never charged for any undeliverable email addresses or declines.